Ford Enduro Fiestas
CSCC logo The value for money way to go motor racing in your Ford race-car!

The Classic Sports Car Club has classes for Ford cars providing value for money racing with 30 minute qualifying and 40 minute races for one or  two drivers. Please go to Classic Sports Car Club to find out more.

Cars both classic and modern are eligible and the races will be for up to two drivers sharing the race event and consist of 30 minute qualifying and then 40 minutes of racing. There is a compulsory pit stop where two drivers change as fast as they can or if a single driver, they must exit the car and shut the door before getting back in to carry on racing. The races will run within a class structure set by the Classic Sports Car Club. The other good news is that membership to the CSCC is only £39 per person and race entry fees are held at £385 or less for 2018. So, two drivers can share the cost = half £385.